This is currently a list of planned features pertaining to vertical movement in the game.

  • Short-Jump: a jump of set-height, performed by briefly tapping the jump button, to help the player surmount small obstacles, get into the air for aerial moves, or hop over ground-based hazards such as dangerous puddles
  • Standard-Jump: a jump that can level-up, and is of variable height depending on how long the player holds the jump button.
  • High-Jump: a jump with different physics that can reach higher areas than a standard-jump with a minimal expenditure of resources. It levels up alongside the Standard-Jump and can be performed by jumping while ducking.
  • Flying: When the jump button is held after the apex of a standard- or high-jump of maximum height, when the fairy starts to descend (about half a second), the fairy will start stressing wing power to fly, and the controls will change to flight-mode.
  • Long-Jump: A jump that trades height for distance, great for fairies who want to cross water but can't swim
  • Wing-Glide: A special long-jump that can cross longer distances by stressing WP, by holding the jump button after the apex of a long-jump.
  • Swim: An optional skill that can open up new possibilities for explorers. By default, fairies can keep themselves afloat on water, but will have to reach land after a short while otherwise they'll need a rescue.
  • Dive: By training in swimming, fairies can learn to explore and battle underwater just as easily as they do in the air.
    • Swim up/down: no matter where the camera is pointing while underwater, the fairy can always swim upwards by pressing the "jump" command, or downwards with the "duck" command.
  • Climbing: Fairies can scale a wide variety of vertical surfaces, and thus explore vertically without training in jumping or flying. Climbing stresses FP instead of WP.
  • Ledge-grab: This is performed automatically when the fairy is in the middle of a jump or fall, and is near a ledge. It'll be difficult to accidentally let go of a ledge, so the player can climb along the ledge freely, either climbing up with the "jump" command, or dropping with the "duck" command.
  • Aerial-Cancel: by pressing the "duck" command in mid-air, all aerial manoeuvres are stopped, and then the fairy drops straight downwards. This can be used as a dodge, to conserve power, to end flight-mode, or to land precisely on a platform below. Using this move doesn't cost any power. This will also cause the fairy to drop from a wall and stop hanging from a ledge.