Treasure Chests are present, as they are in most roguelikes and action-R.P.G. -styled games. Large treasure chests are generated at the same time as a dungeon's level, while small ones have a chance to be generated when a Newphy swoons. Treasure Chests take a simple shape, but one that is easy to recognize by the player in the heat of all the action.

As fairies need to be able to seduce living creatures in order to protect themselves and survive, their powers of seduction are so potent that even some inanimate objects (such as locked treasure chests) will sway to their charms.

Small- or unlocked treasure chests open as a fairy approaches. Small chests open and spray a light & particle effect about before disappearing, while their items are automatically collected upon opening and detailed on the UI.

Large, locked treasure chests need to have the "investigate" command used on them before they'll open. A fairy will typically animate this lockpicking by using their equipped weapon to tickle or caress the treasure chest and cause it to spontaneously open. If this doesn't work, then a player might have to level up or buff their Swagger before coming back and trying again. Once opened, their contents scatter about the immediate area and can be collected at the player's leisure.

Typically, large treasure chests will be generated in such a way that their contents won't spill into hazardous areas such as lava or spikes. They may spill into the patrol routes of nearby newphys, or attract the attention of greedy newphys such as ogles, however.