Icon Panny

Concept art of a single Panny coin

Fairy Currency is denoted by the Panny, a small, translucent, turquoise-coloured coin of a material that can only be synthesized in the Fairy Kingdom. This money is used by civilians and tourists within the Fairy Kingdom, and exchanged for other currencies outside of it.

As the focus of this game is to recollect the lost Fairy Treasure in the form of Score, which are then exchanged for pannies when returning to the Fairy Kingdom, other currencies in the world aren't covered in the scope of Fairy's Rule (at this time).

There are currently no official 3D Model representations of panny currency, since it is only handled in town, and there is currently no need to carry currency into the dungeons.

Feature Creep: Following the examples of some roguelikes, carrying currency into the dungeons could allow fairies to trade with NPCs they happen upon.